Welcome to Paul sur sites around the world!

You will find a number of links to some of the great travel spots in France, most nestled in the Mountains of the northwest regions.

The “Paul” designation in the title of these towns refers to Saint Paul, and many towns around France (as well as around the world) are named after this great saint. The “sur” part of the name can be translated to be “on or above”, such as in Paul-sur-Ubaye.

I hope you enjoy these links, and get a chance to vist some of the Paul surs listed here.

St Paul sur Ubaye is a small village that stands out on its promontory against a backdrop of breathtaking rocky jagged peaks, on the road to the Vars pass, known as the “Route des grandes Alpes”. It is well known to mountaineers and is a starting point for many climbs. St Paul sur Ubaye is the highest municipality in the Alpes de Haute Provence and the only one to have 34 peaks over 3,000 metres, such as the Brec du Chambeyron (3,390 m), the Aiguilles du Chambeyron (3,412 m) or Brec du Rubren (3,340 m).

Saint Paul-sur-Ubaye